Eye-Opening & Enjoyable

I’m getting used to waking up to the sounds of chirping birds, howling roosters and street vendors yelling “paaaaaan” early each morning.

These past two weeks in Nicaragua have been a lot of things, and I would have to list two pages of adjectives to sum it up. In two words, I would say eye-opening and enjoyable.

Provenzano, Angela Blog Photo 1 Group in Van
Bus Tour Selfie 🙂 

The first week, seven other Xavier students and I loaded a bus to tour around Nicaragua. We learned the process of pottery making, walked through a newly renovated lake front, went to a lagoon, saw many scenic views of mountains and lakes, experienced a Nicaraguan market, and learned about basic Nicaraguan history. For a week, we stayed together in a house and began to build a community together. There was lots of laughs and storytelling. Friendship and sharing is a beautiful thing.

“Laguna de Apoya” is actually a volcano full of rainwater water than accumulated over time.



Provenzano, Angela Blog Photo 2 Laguna de Apoya

Provenzano, Angela Blog Photo 3 Swimming in a Volcano
So now I can cross “swimming in a volcano” off my bucket list.


Provenzano, Angela Blog Photo 4 Trees of Life
“Trees of Life” found throughout Managua.

Learning to make pottery the old-fashion way. It’s harder than it looks!Provenzano, Angela Blog Photo 5 Pottery MakingOn Saturday we moved in with our host families. I am lucky to have a very fun and understanding family where I have 2 sisters and a brother. Spanish is difficult sometimes but I think it’s getting a little easier everyday. They always make sure I’m well rested , well fed, and enjoying myself.



Provenzano, Angela Blog Photo 6 Sunset
A view of the sunset from my house. Its the little things.

On Thursday we went to Leon, a colonial city of Nicaragua. We saw an amazing Cathedral and got to walk on the roof of it. We also had some really good pizza and walked around the shops. We even met up with a group Fuego y Sol who empowers people through dance. We got to try walking on stilts!


The food here is amazing, only if you like rice and beans though. I’ve eaten a lot Gallo pinto , the staple dish  of rice and beans, sometimes with queso fresco or plantains. The freshly squeezed juice here is also something you can’t turn down.

So so far, I’ve really enjoyed my time getting to know Nicaragua. Next week I will begin my classes and service. A lesson I’ve learned over these weeks is that the beauty of nature never ceases to put  life into perspective. Also, conversation and just being with people is one of the greatest joys of life.

Listening to the song Happiness by NEEDTOBREATHE I realized the lyric “It’s all for You in my pursuit of happiness” has really summed up my reason for coming here. To seek God in new ways, and learn more about myself and where I want my life to go.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.




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